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    General Info about other VCMP clan's


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    General Info about other VCMP clan's

    Post  Tobi on Wed Jun 02, 2010 4:33 pm

    im gonna post here the other clans forums if you want to know them well or to check the news Very Happy
    DZ Clan:www.deathzone.hostoi.com
    SW Clan:www.silentwarriors.co.cc
    VU Clan:www.viceunderdogs.co.nr
    DU CLan:http://du-clan.uk
    Littlewhitey forum:http://forum.littlewhiteys.co.uk
    Xe european:www.xe-servers.eu

    ¨P.S:please don't take it as an advertising i just posted this for helping ya to know much things about the VCMP Very Happy if you want you can dell this post

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