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    AsS Clan Rules

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    AsS Clan Rules

    Post  Ice_Queen on Fri Aug 27, 2010 11:50 am

    Our clan rules are:

    ★ Be respectful, and remember that you represent the Assassins Secret Society clan.
    ★ Any kind of hacks is NOT allowed.
    ★ Hunters, Sea sparraws, drive by killings are allowed since we play mostly on Lebowski server, but when you join other servers you have to respect their rules.
    ★You have to be good in using weapons especially Stubby, Spaz, M60, M4
    ★ Any member who plays without wearing the AsS tag will be in a real trouble.
    ★Don't change your nickname without telling the clan leaders.

    If you break these rules, you will be kicked from the clan.


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