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    Post  Kittrell on Sun Dec 25, 2011 8:51 am

    Today I was looking at my denied applications and after reading both of them, I felt like a fag or something. Like a feeling like wow what the hell happened here? Reading the things that the members told me what I did, its like I feel so retarded and such a 5 year old and I'm serious all the time and its like in real life every time I try to make a joke or being goofy the joke sucks, doesn't come out all the way, not funny. Or something happens that turns my smile to a frown like every time I make a joke or something, something I did wrong happens and I get yelled at. :/ But this day is like weird for me... Even though its Christmas, I keep thinking about my bad past. If you ever seen the movie avatar, I was watching it and I was at the point when the girl knocks down the guy and saying its his fault the viperwolves had to die. And he is sticking his hand up saying, 'easy, easy' That got me to remember a time when my dad was hitting me with the belt and I had my hand up crying saying, 'no more, no more' That was a long time ago. But I dont know where these bumps came from. There are these bumps on the back just above the butt. across my lower back no bumps in the middle but on the side and they are red and dark like something like a scar. You can see it clearly and it feels so rigid.

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