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    AsS Clan Tags


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    AsS Clan Tags

    Post  Maria on Fri Jun 24, 2011 1:45 am

    The Assassins Secret Society clan has two tags.

    The first tag is [AsS]
    This tag stands for full AsS members. Which means every member who wears this tag is able to fight well, has good manners, speaks english well or at least in an understanddable way, trains trial members and has level 3 on Lebowski server which allows them to use the SWAT skin so as to play as a team.

    The second tag is [AsS_T]
    This tag stands for the AsS clan trial members. When players apply for the clan and we think they are still not good enough to b full members and can do better in the future, we give them this tag for a period of time and after improving their english or fighting skills, we promote them to full AsS members. Trials will apply Here to be promoted to full members and they will have to follow this format to apply Click

    P.S. Players with bad manners won't even have a chance to be [AsS_T] members.


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